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History is often recounted with big books and explanations of boggling complexity. We’d like to challenge that model—and ourselves—by addressing major themes in a concentrated format and using just ten archival documents or ten historical objects.  This is the idea behind our online lecture series: brief showcases of fun, fascinating archival finds. 

Every Tuesday, Friends of the Medici Archive Project are treated to the Tuesday Ten Talks led by MAP scholars. On occasion, we partner with other institutions to shake things up a bit and keep everyone on their toes.

Philippe de Champaigne, "Moses Presenting the Tablets of the Law," 1648, Milwaukee Art Museum


What’s in store for 2022:

Tuesday Ten Talks, spring edition


February 15 – David Ekserdjian

The Italian Renaissance Altarpiece in Our Time


February 22 – Babette Bohn

Rediscovering the Women Artists of Bologna


March 1 – Diego Pirillo

Renaissance Refugees:

Religious Migrations in Early Modern Italy


March 8 – Marcello Simonetta

The Gianfigliazzi Papers:

A New Source About Duke Cosimo’s Ciphers and Spies


March 15 – Timothy McCall

Renaissance Men’s Fashion: Ten Decisive Details


March 22 – Alison Brown

Piero di Lorenzo de’ Medici: Playing the Role of Prince in a Republic


March 29 – Patricia McCobb

Diomede Leoni and his Horti Leonini in San Quirico d’Orcia


April 5 – Fikri Cicek

A Circulation of Chemical Medicine from the Tuscan Court to Ottoman Syria and Kurdistan:

Recipes, Practitioners, and Artisans, 1613-1639


April 12 – Elizabeth Cleland

Catherine de’ Medici and Her Valois Tapestries


April 19 – Robert Simon


April 26 – Rebecca J. Long


May 3 – Janis Bell

Leonardo Manuscripts in Milan:

Mystery, Murder, the Medici, and Missed Opportunities


May 10 – Adelina Modesti

The Strategies of Female Patronage:

Vittoria della Rovere, Grand Duchess of Tuscany


May 17 – Joel Schwindt

Monteverdi and Striggio’s Orfeo:

Modern Music, a Pre-Modern Play, and an Academy in Search of an Idealized Past


May 24 – Elizabeth Pilliod


May 31 – Sheila Barker

Ten News Stories about Bernini: An Early Journalistic Celebrity


June 7 – Sabine Van Sprang

Theodoor van Loon, a Forgotten Talent between Rome and Brussels


June 14 – Brian Sandberg


June 21 – Johanna Vernquist

Poet-Philosopher Gaspara Stampa and the Early Modern Debate on Love


June 28  – Robin O’Bryan

July 5  – Sheryl Reiss

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Previous Talks

September 22, 2020: Alessio Assonitis – MAP

The Life of Cosimo I de’ Medici in Ten Documents

Watch the recorded talk

September 29: Sheila Barker – MAP

Did Flowers Have a Renaissance?

Ten Insights into Early Modern Botany and Gardening

Watch the recorded talk 

October 6: Mark Spyropoulos – MAP

Ten Steps to Recovering Lost Music of the Medici

Watch the recorded talk

October 13: Alessio Assonitis – MAP

 Ten Astonishing Documents in the Medici Archives:

Fake News, Incredible Events, Mind-Blowing Marvels

Watch the Recorded Talk

October 20 : Cristiano Zanetti & Sheila Barker

*co-organized by TACITROOTS*

 Galileo Between Craft and Court: A Constellation of Ten Documents

October 27 : Gabriele Mancuso – MAP

 A Visit to Ten Spaces in the Florentine Ghetto

November 3: John T. Spike

Amazing Grace: Caravaggio’s Later Paintings

November 10: Alessio Assonitis – MAP

*Hosted by the Grolier Club*

Cosimo I de’ Medici: Bibliophile and Grand Duke

November 17: Maurizio Arfaioli – MAP 

Strange Weapons, Strange Users: Ten Highlights from the Medici ‘Armory’

November 24: Sheila ffolliott – MAP

Catherine de’ Medici: Ten Revealing Letters about an Accidental Queen

December 1: Sheila Barker – MAP

*Hosted by GemX*

Tales of Potable Gold, Pregnancy Stones, and Other “Pearls” from the Medici Archives

December 8: Aimee Ng & Alessio Assonitis

*co-Organized with the Frick Collection*

Casting the Medici:

Ten Famous Medici in the Scher Collection of Commemorative Medals

December 15: Brendan Dooley – MAP

The World (According to Early Modern News Reports)

December 22: Alessio Assonitis and MAP Staff

What the Medici Ate:

Ten Menu Suggestions for the Holidays

Watch the Recorded Talk

January 5, 2021 : Carla D’Arista – MAP Series Author

Botticelli and the Pucci-Bini Wedding of 1484

in Ten Documents

January 12 : Sheila Barker – MAP

  *Hosted by the Grolier Club*

Cristofano Bronzini on Women’s Dignity and Nobility:

a Monument of 17th-Century Feminism 

January 19: Łukasz Hajdrych 

“That she bewitched my son…”

Poland’s Early Modern Witch-Trials

January 26: Tamar Herzig 

The Life of a Jewish Artist in the Renaissance

February 2: Antonia Fondaras – MAP

Piero di Cosimo’s Santo Spirito Visitation Altarpiece in 10 Questions

February 9: Philip Mansel

Louis XIV and the Power of Women

February 16: Sheila Barker – MAP

Ten Recent Discoveries About Artemisia Gentileschi

February 23: Negar Rokhgar

Early Modern Visions of Persia: Ten Objects in Italian Collections

March 2: Gabriele Mancuso – MAP

Ten Famous (and not-so-famous) Jews in the Medici Archive

March 9: Jesse Locker

Ten Images from the Last Will and

Testament of Luca Riva, A Deaf Artist in Spanish Milan

March 16: Sheila Barker – MAP

Co-Organized by the Edinburgh Early Modern Network

Plague, Art, and Empathy in an Age of Individualism:

Raphael’s ‘Pathosformel’

March 23: Maurizio Arfaioli – MAP

The Memory of the Condottiere: 

Giovanni de’ Medici (‘Giovanni of the Black Bands’) in the Medici Archives

March 30: Mark Spyropoulos and Vox Medicea – MAP

The Forgotten Sacred Music of the Medici

April 6: Carole Dagher

Lebanon in Italy, Italy in Lebanon, Part I:

The 1613-1615 Stay of Prince Fakhr-el-Din at the Medici Court

April 13: Julia Vicioso – MAP

The Arrival of Renaissance Architecture in the New World

April 20: Gregory Buchakjian

Lebanon in Italy, Italy in Lebanon, Part II:

Italian Baroque Paintings in Beirut

April 27: David Drogin

Medieval and Renaissance Bolognese Professors’ Tombs:

Images of Authority 

May 4: Sheila ffolliott – MAP

Caput Mundi: The Medici in Rome 

May 11: Linda Wolk-Simon

Ten Meditations on Bronzino’s Portrait of Andrea Doria

(Or, Why It Is Not a Portrayal of Neptune)

May 18: Corey Tazzara

Tolerance and Trade in Livorno, 1600–1750

May 25: Beth Glixon

A Father and Daughter Speak: Giulio and Barbara Strozzi’s Opus 1

June 1: Lorenz Böninger

*Hosted by the Grolier Club*

Niccolò di Lorenzo della Magna: the Social World of Renaissance Printing

June 8: Brian Brege

The Empire That Wasn’t: The Grand Duchy of Tuscany’s Global Ambitions

June 15: Alexander Röstel

The House and Collection of Giuliano, Antonio and Francesco da Sangallo

June 22: Sheila Barker – MAP

‘The Immensity of the Universe”: Giovanna Garzoni in Ten Documents

June 29: Alessio Assonitis – MAP

Notes from the Director: the Future of the Renaissance

August 31: Carlo Falciani

The Medici: Portraits and Politics, 1512–1570

September 7: Kate Lowe 

Consciousness of the World: A Papal Official in 1590s Lisbon

September 14; Stephen J. Campbell

Towards a New Geography of Art in Italy, 1400–1600

September 21: Rosamond Mack

Verrocchio’s Art of Dressing: Sculpture Traditions Updated 

September 28: Ross King

The Bookseller of Florence:

The Story of the Manuscripts that Illuminated the Renaissance

September 30: Özden Mercan

An hors-série lecture co-organized with the Levantine Heritage Foundation

From Constantinople to Livorno:

Merchants, Migration, and Transfer of Technologies

October 5: Lorraine Karafel 

Tapestries for a Medici Pope: Raphael’s Grotesques for Leo X

October 12: Jennifer Sliwka

A Florentine Vision of Paradise: Recontextualizing Francesco Botticini’s Assumption at the National Gallery

October 21: Natalie Tomas

A Life in Letters:

Maria Salviati de’ Medici as Wife, Widowed Mother and Lady Dowager

November 2: Carol M. Richardson

Bernini’s Revenge? Art, Sex and Religion in St. Peter’s, Rome

November 9: Rebekah Compton

Art for Hermits: Medici Devotion and the Camaldolese Order

November 16: Jonathan Ligrani

The Residue of Performance:

Scribal Symbols, Print Standardization, and the Florentine Madrigal

November 23: Michelle O’Malley

Botticelli and Workshop Management in the Renaissance

November 30: Anthony Russell

The Rewards of Virtù and the Religion of Art in Vasari’s Lives: The Case of Fra Angelico and Fra Filippo Lippi

December 7 :  Kirstin Noreen

The Sancta Sanctorum in Rome and the Reframing of the Middle Ages in the Renaissance

December 14:  Ethan Kavaler

Sex and Death in Renaissance Kassel: The Remarkable Tomb of Philip the Magnanimous

December 21:  Thomas Golsenne

Carlo Crivelli and Mystical Materialism in 15th-Century Italy

December 28:  Sara Mansutti

Cosimo Bartoli in Venice:

Humanist, Cultural Broker and Informer in the Service of the Medici

January 4: John Henderson MAP

Imagining the Pox in Renaissance Italy

January 11 : Erin Giffin

The Holy House of Loreto and Its International Replicas

January 18: André Belo

The Arrest of the False King Sebastian by Ferdinando I de’ Medici in 1601

January 24 : Dennis Geronimus, Martin Kemp, Catherine Puglisi, Robert Simon, and Alexander Röstel

A Roundtable Discussion on Botticelli’s Man of Sorrows

January 25 : Elizabeth Currie

Fashion Hits and Misses during the Reigns of the First Medici Grand Dukes

February 1 : William Connell

The Secretary’s Last Rites:  Machiavelli on his Deathbed

February 8 – Joseph Eliav

Ten Queries about Renaissance Galleys