The Medici Archive Project

June 28, 2014

For the fourth consecutive year, the Medici Archive Project (MAP) will be offering a two-week intensive seminar on archival research applied to historical and art historical disciplines. Especially intended for advanced graduate students in Renaissance and early modern scholars, this seminar will be team-taught by current and former MAP staff at the library of Santa Maria Novella in Florence. Visits to private and public Tuscan archives are  also planned. In addition, participants will be invited to spend the mornings at the MAP room at the Archivio di Stato in Florence in order to work alongside fellows and staff on their research projects.

This seminar aims to provide an introduction to Italian archives (with particular emphasis on Florentine collections); to examine in depth various document typologies; to identify paleographic conventions; and to apply this research to their scholarly pursuits.

The seminar will run from Monday, June 16th to Saturday, June 28th, 2014.

The tuition for this seminar is US $ 750, payable via PayPal upon acceptance (room and board are not included).

The seminar is limited to twelve scholars, in order to ensure that each participant will receive personal guidance.

For further information, contact MAP Vice Director, Dr. Elena Brizio, at To apply, send a CV and a brief statement explaining how this course will benefit your current research project. The deadline is June 1, 2014.

Former and current faculty: Maurizio Arfaioli, Alessio Assonitis, Nicoletta Baldini, Sheila Barker, Elena Brizio, Niccolo Capponi, Luciano Cinelli, Laura Cirri, Brendan Dooley, John Henderson, Alana O'Brien, Roberta Piccinelli, Julia Vicioso.

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Locker Artemisia
Jesse Locker
June 16, 2014

"Hailed as one of the most influential and expressive painters of the seventeenth century, Artemisia Gentileschi (1593–ca.

Map Staff
June 12, 2014

Atelier jeunes chercheurs  sur le monachisme médiéval
La società monastica nei secoli VI-XII
Sentieri di ricerca

12-13 Giugno 2014

Con il primo “Atelier jeunes chercheurs” organizzato dal CERM con il sostegno e la partecipazione dell’ÉFR per i prossimi 12-13 giugno 2014 si inaugura per il CERM una nuova stagione dedicata alla ricerca. Nei mesi scorsi abbiamo elaborato un progetto dedicato soprattutto a studiosi non-strutturati che ha in questo convegno la sua prima realizzazione. Il convinto appoggio dell’ÉFR che si è fatta partner di questa esperienza è stato fondamentale così come l’esperienza già da essa maturata sul tema proposto, quello del monachesimo.

Click here for the conference program

Map Staff
April 4, 2014

This conference will accompany an exhibition on Rosso Fiorentino and Pontormo hosted by the Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi in Florence. Curated by Antonio Natali and Carlo Falciani, the exhibition (8 March to 20 July 2014) charts the "Diverging Paths of Mannerism" and promises deep insights into the reasons of and motivations for this particular style. Our event will be hosted by the British Institute of Florence, one of the foremost English-language cultural institutions in Florence to teach Italian art history and culture at all levels of instruction. For more information and to register please visit: To contact the organisers, Dr Andrea M. Gáldy MA and Lauren Johnson BA, MA please email